Intro to Fantasy-Themed Online Slots

Playing slots, whether online or offline, is a two-way affair. You either win or lose. Unfortunately, there is usually no guarantee which will be the case. Although experience can help to increase your chances of winning, losing is still a possibility regardless of how long you have been playing slots.

However, what makes playing these online games interesting is that players can choose whatever theme they prefer. This way, you at not just making money, but having fun as well. Hence, if you make extra cash, it is a plus for you, and on days when luck is not on your side, you’d simply be paying to have fun which is worth it.

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What to Know about Fantasy-Themed Online Slots

Fantasy Themed Online SlotsThere are a lot of online games with different niches from which players can choose. In addition, within a particular theme, there are also many games available. So you do not only get to play your preferred niche, but you still have a wide range of games to choose from within the niche.

Fantasy-themed online slots are recorded among the top three most played slots genres. The other two themes being “golden classics” and “ancient.” The reason why fantasy made it to the top three is not far-fetched. As humans, we naturally want to explore our imaginations and make the impossible possible through our thought.

Fantasy slots allow us to live beyond our imaginations once again, just like we did as kids through storybooks, cartoons, and movies. In line with this, the games are usually similar to storybooks and cartoons. The game can be either bright and colourful or dark and creepy depending on the characters used. So, for a reunion with your favourite cartoon character, fantasy is the right choice!

Best Fantasy-Themed Online Slots

Forgotten Fable

This slot leaves you with the lasting memory of a fairytale with a bit of grim. This game leads you through Slavic folklore with Baba Yaga, Koschei the Immortal, Gorynych, Vodyanoy, and Leshyi. You will be looking for their riches buried deep in a forest for a long time.

It is a product of Evoplay Entertainment that comes with five reels, three rows, and 15 paylines. It also has an average RTP of 96% and a volatility level of MED. This studio offers a fair betting range of $0.1 to $100 or the same amount in another currency. Also, you can win up to 1270 times your stake during free spins. It also has three wild symbols; 2 free spins, runes, and bonus magic chests.


This game takes you back to the famous story of King Arthur and his sword, Excalibur, created in Avalon. Basing its plot on the story of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, it blends two themes to give you a ride through adventure, myths, history, and legend. Even if this is not your favourite niche, Avalon will make you change your mind.

Avalon has five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines. With the addition of jewels and gems, the visuals on the reels are pretty colourful. Its return to play (RTP) is 96.01%. The developer, Microgaming, allows you to enjoy this game with a betting range of $0.02 to $100. Coin bets are between 1 to 10 coins per line, and each coin is worth between $0.01 and $0.25. Avalon equally offers free spins with multipliers, and one wild symbol, the chest, which also stands for other symbols.

Dragon’s Myth

Another offer from Microgaming with 3D technology is Dragon’s Myth. It’s about a young female dragon slayer whose legendary adventure occurs along a rough hillside. She is known for her furry boot and horned hat and will jump or dance whenever you win. This game also features four different dragons which the lady is supposed to cage.

Dragon’s myth has five reels and three rows. It equally has 20 paylines and a substantial return to play of 96.01%. Also, you are allowed to bet one coin per line or 20 coins per spin. The maximum amount for spinning is placed at $40 at the rate of $2 per line. It also offers special bonuses and free spins.

Warlords: Crystals of Power

This slot is a game of battle between three rulers who want to become the world’s ruler. It features The Barbarian, The Priestess, and The Samurai as the three rulers fighting for the ultimate position. They also try to seize everything for themselves. The three characters are differentiated by the three different colours of masks that they wear.

It has an impressive 30 paylines with five reels and three rows. Also, the game has a 96.89% return to play, and its variance ranges from low to medium. Another thing is its three scatter symbols which are re-spins, final chance feature, and battle feature. Net Entertainment offers this game at an acceptable range of 15p to £150 per spin.

Age of the Gods

There are a series of Age of the Gods games. But the one made by Playtech comes first in the series, and it is designed based on Historical Greek Mythology. It features the different Greek gods; Hades, Athena, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Hercules, and Zeus.

Age of the Gods has a significantly wide betting range of 20p to £100 per spin. It’s set on five reels and three rows with 20 paylines. It has a Return to Player value of 94.03%, but with its variance between the medium and high level, the RTP can reach 95.02%. Also, this game comes with tons of unique features, such as the Pantheon of Power, a progressive jackpot, and plenty of free spins.


Depending on your idea of a perfect fantasy, the list above covers different niches and top-played fantasy-themed online slots. They all come at fair betting prices and significant payout percentages. They equally offer clear animations and captivating soundtracks to give you an outstanding betting experience. You may want to try out one or more of these titles during your next visit to the casino.