Branded Online Slots

Branded Online Slots is a category for games with unique thematics, using TV series characters, musicians, cartoons characters, books characters and many others. These slots are licensed by a copyright holder for producing games and distribution via online casinos.

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Introducing Branded Online Slots

Branded Online SlotsThere are thousands of slot games that have been released over the years. Many of them explore original concepts and themes that are based on real-life events or mythologies. However, there are some slots that can become instantly recognised from the moment you see their logo. Branded online slots are where you can see some of your beloved pieces of media come to life into the world of online gambling. These are equipped with the latest in graphical and gameplay technology to bring the famous characters and icons with as much detail as possible.

As the world of online slot machines grows bigger and bigger, branded online slots will be a lot more common. Many of the big studios and movie names will be wanting to gain more awareness and publicity in almost every facet of media consumption. Online casino gambling is no exception. Software providers, such as Net Entertainment, Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO and Microgaming, are among the most recognised examples of providing you with branded slots. Many of which come from movies, video games, TV shows, Music bands, books and many more fictional locations. You can find a free version for most of these titles, as well as tons of casinos that wish to cash in on the brands.

Rick and Morty Megaways Branded Online Slot
Rick and Morty Megaways – Branded Online Slot

Explaining Branded Online Slots

To explain in more detail, a branded slot machine is a video slot that is based completely around a specific work of fiction that has been published. It could be a slot based on the recent sci-fi movie or a slot based on a successful video game franchise. It has to be a name that is owned by a studio or developer that wishes to advertise their product by selling it as a gambling service. That way, the creator of the game and the owner of the brand both benefit from the publicity. People are a lot more likely to purchase a product if they recognise what it is.

Since brands are very in touch with pop culture and society, it makes sense to use them as a marketing advantage. The first-ever branded slot game that was produced was by Microgaming. They created the official Lara Croft: Tomb Raider slot game released back in October 2004. From then on, other software providers saw the potential wrapped in this idea. NetEnt was able to create Frankenstein back in April 2011, based on the famed black and white movie. Big Time Gaming released Who Wants to be a Millionaire MegaWays in late 2018, based on the popular TV game show.

For a branded slot to become real, the software provider must reach an agreement with the owner of the brand. Only from this partnership can they be given the successful right to use this name and the character into a slot machine product. If a provider ever tries to do this without gaining official permission first, they would be breaching copyright laws and could face prosecution or a lawsuit. It’s resulting in the provider facing a heavy fine for fundamentally stealing the right to use this brand.

Best Online Branded Slots

As mentioned earlier, there are many popular names that can be recognised from the branded slots. Dozens of names and characters that you will surely recognise through the years of media. Some will come from movies; others will come from games. There are even those that are based entirely around specific music albums made by famous rock bands. Here is a list of the highly recommended bands from the ages:

  1. Jurassic World Slot. A movie franchise that got us all to love Dinosaurs. There is something about their scary ferocity that just makes us jump for glee. Microgaming brought us these ferocious critters onto our smaller screens with incredible prizes up for grabs. With a fair RTP rating of 95.45%, you will have a fair time running from the T-Rex and grabbing hold of the biggest prize of them all. Some of your favourite characters from the movies, such as the kids and the professors, will also be making their return. And yes, that includes Jeff Goldbloom.
  2. Vikings. The ‘Vikings’ is one of the most popular shows in recent years. With its gripping storytelling, incredible characters and jaw-dropping cinematography. There is so much to love about it. You will find even more to love about it when you can venture into the show to win prizes. NetEnt has brought us a snowy and cold landscape where the popular characters will stand ready to expand on the reels and create more winning combinations. There are even up to 78,125 paylines to win off with bonuses. AS Vikings, you always aim for bigger.
  3. Twisted Sister online slot. Twisted Sister is one of the most iconic bands of the old days. Their music has inspired many fans into thrashing and rebellious frenzies. The tribute to their songs in the bonus games is even more commendable, as Play’n GO has gone the extra mile in actually acquiring the songs to be starred in the slot itself. Even the gameplay fits around the theme of a rock band. You can shout out for amazing features, including the most rebel of them all – We’re not gonna take it. It is a truly epic way to kick off your gambling journey.


The reason why these types of games are so popular is that people enjoy playing a game that they recognise and love to talk about. Seeing their favourite characters and stories be brought into a new light is refreshing for those who are long-time fans. People love getting attached to these brands, so it’s why they enjoy experiencing them in different ways. Slot games are a perfect place for gamblers who are also fans of this content to gain winnings whilst taking part in what they love. This is why you can look forward to even more brands taking the gambling path as this trend isn’t willing to die down anytime soon.