Responsible Gambling

At JackMobileCasinos, we support responsible gambling practices, and we want all our visitors to comply with them. Casual gambling and online gambling should only be seen as a fun pastime and should not be considered a means of earning income. The games on our site are for entertainment purposes only, and it is possible to play them without undertaking any financial risk. However, there are various links to the websites on our site where these games can be played with real money. If you decide to play any game with real money using these links, please note the following:

  • Keep in mind that games of chance are just an entertainment tool, not a way to make easy money or gain additional financial income.
  • Remember to play the games for fun, whether you lose or you win.
  • Play only with the amount that you can afford, and do not put yourself in a difficult financial position.
  • Always check the time and money you spend.
  • Do not play a game of chance by taking a loan or credit.
  • Don’t go after your losses. Do not lose control to recover your losses, as attempting to compensate can lead to even greater losses.

To help you do all this, we’re doing the following:

  1. Some players are more likely to develop an addiction. If you feel that your casino games experience has become an addiction and not an entertainment, please seek professional help. There are many organizations that you can use to get help, and you can find links to some of them on our site. and GamCare are some of the organizations that offer free assistance. You can get help in an anonymous way.
  2. Underage players should not play games of chance even if they are free. reserves the right to limit the access and notify the competent authorities if it detects such a player.
  3. is a site that believes in ethical promotions. Advertising and promotions that can lead to addiction or encourage underage players are not included in our site.

Always make sure your self-control continues while playing. If you keep on playing even when you are not entertained, or if you are playing games beyond your budget, these may be some indicators that you are developing an addiction. In such a case, stop playing immediately. It is not possible to prevent our visitors from accessing our site individually, as we are not an online casino. However, online casinos have such measures. If you’re playing for real money, remember that you can restrict your playing time, budget, and game types using self-exclusion methods. To do this, simply contact the casino customer service.