Up until recently, mobile casino bonuses were a reserve of few applications. Most wagering sites saw no need to avail these rewards to mobile gamers considering that the business had not yet picked. As mobile casino clientele increased, so did the need to avail mobile gambling bonuses. The prizes were provided to encourage more wager fanatics to join the mobile betting bandwagon. Mobile casino bonus codes were incorporated into the reward program to differentiate between the various offers available at any given time.

Currently, these promotions are rampant and are offered to the entire gambling clientele base of nearly all casinos. New mobile casino bonuses arise often to keep online bettors hooked to the site they choose to stake in. These ranged from deposit rewards to free mobile casino bonuses. Scroll through this review to find out more about gifts and how to take advantage of them.

Types of Mobile Casino Bonuses

A mobile app gambling bonus is a reward that is accorded to a gambling fanatic who uses their portable gadget to wager. These bonuses are plenty and are given to those who stake claims. Each player that wants to benefit from a bonus has to fit a specific criterion that is required of them as stated by the establishment they gamble in. The most common types of bonuses given to phone gamers are:

  • No deposit bonuses – These are mobile casino promotions offered to new or established gamblers without the need to deposit any cash into their accounts. All that is required of a gamer is to join the casino if they are still not registered as members. As for those who are already members of the establishment, all they need to do is use a promo code that is provided, and the reward will instantly be accorded to them
  • Welcome bonuses – A welcome gift is usually given to new players who join a gaming site. It can be in the form of free spins, money, casino chips, luxury gadgets, and loyalty points among others. Only new persons to the site can receive this prize. At times, players are required to deposit some cash into the account before receiving the mobile casino offers, while others do not need to deposit money
  • Deposit and reload bonuses – Once a gamer has an account in a casino, they have to deposit money into it for them to play the real money games. This can quickly be done using an Android or iOS gadget. Betting spots usually give players prizes for this simple act. Additionally, the house may prompt the staking persons to conduct a second or third cash deposit for a chance to receive even more rewards
  • Free spins – Free spins can be given to casino members at any time. These are essential for playing online slot games. Gambling dens that provide this reward usually want gamers to try out a new game that they have acquired. Therefore, they only allow players to spin the reels of those particular slots using the free spins offered to them
  • VIP/ High roller bonuses – They are gifts given to gamblers who spend thrifty. VIP rewards are better and more in quantity. Such players get the chance to indulge in exclusive tournaments organized by betting entities across the globe. Gadgets like tablets and phones are also part of the reward packages for these persons
  • Cashback bonuses – Considering that gambling is never a sure bet, players are bound to make losses at one point or the other of their gaming encounter. Thus, betting sites give back the players’ casino app bonuses by selecting a certain percentage of the money they used to stake during the period stated on the bonus banner
  • Tournament bonus – When engaging in a competition against other players, a few incentives are given to the gamblers to prolong their betting encounters. Free money and spins are among the most commonly awarded items in such packages
  • Mobile (app) only bonuses – Any gamer that downloads the app version of a casino into their smartphone is the one that receives this phone casino bonus

The Best Mobile Casino Bonuses

Although casinos avail mobile rewards to their members, they are never the same. A few are better than the rest in regards to the stipulations pegged to these prizes. Some of the best that players love usually have no wagering requirements pinned to them. Players can use them to play their favorite sets and withdraw the money won without a hassle. Additionally, bettors gravitate towards no deposit bonuses since they do not need to spend any cash to receive them.

How to Claim a Mobile Casino Bonus

Claiming casino app promotions is pretty straightforward. First, the gamer needs to identify a house that they would love to wager in. From there, the procedures differ depending on the kind of bonus that is up for grabs. Here are details on how to go about gaining each reward.

  • Welcome bonuses – The player only needs to sign up as a new member for this prize. Once they complete the registration process, the establishment will give them the award that they had promised
  • Deposit bonus – Gamers have to put a minimum amount of cash that is set by the site into their accounts for them to benefit from this option
  • Bonus code  – To gain this item, players have to use specific mobile casino promo codes. The persons have to ensure that the correct code details are input into the available slots to avoid repeating the process or missing the prize altogether
  • No deposit bonus – A code is usually provided when providing this gift. Also, the player may need to complete a task requested for them to gain the prize.


Mobile casino bonuses are given to all players regardless of the device they use to wager. However, the gambling site can decide to give out a specific reward to users of one particular mobile software provider like Android or iPhone gadgets. All gamers interested in receiving any bonus should look out for them by continually logging into their account or reading their mail. Even so, the terms and regulations need to be followed to the letter to avoid losing both the bonus and the winnings attained from them.