Free Bets

In this table, you will find examples of some of the best free bets available across bookmakers in the market. You should note that each of these bookmakers’ free bets come attached with terms and conditions that apply to their usage. This is what usually differentiates one free bet from another. So, before you claim any free bet on registration, remember to check out the type of offer, usage, qualifying bet, the validity period, valid markets, and other criteria.

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The table above shows some of the latest Euro free bet offers for 2021. These leading online bookmakers can attract new customers with online free bets no deposit since many punters are always looking for lucrative offers. So, by signing up with any of these bookmakers, you can easily opt-in for their free bets and start placing bets on your favourite sports.

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About Free Bets

Free BetsEver since the advent of the first online betting sites back in the late 1900s, tons of betting sites have sprung up now and then. Today, you will find thousands of different online bookies, free bets and services to sports gambling enthusiasts, both offline and online. One thing you will find familiar across all these betting sites is the offer of free bets. This offer is not surprising as online bookies needed to find ways to attract players to their betting sites and gain an edge over their competitors. One of the ways that have proved effective is the offer of free bet bonuses. A player can potentially win money with a free bet without risking losing the money for the bet. Who wouldn’t like that?

So, what are Free Bets?

Simply put, free bets are promotions offered by online bookmakers to punters in an attempt to either attract new customers to sign up at their betting site or reward loyal players. These free bets usually vary and come in different forms. It can come in free bets online no deposit offer, deposit free bets offer, or even promotional free bets for existing customers. You will also find some free bets no deposit mobile offers exclusive to mobile betting apps users.

Free bets are one of the main differences between online bookies and your typical land-based betting shops. You won’t find such offers at land-based betting shops, but online bookies can offer this to punters within the online gaming landscape. Many online bookies weekly offer promotional free bets to players to increase their customer base while also retaining those they already have.

How does it Work

Typically, you deposit money and use the funds to place bets on sports. If the team you staked on wins, you earn winnings. The free bets offered at sportsbooks work the same way as the standard bets. The only difference is that you have to meet specific criteria to qualify for the free bet offers. Here the free bet calculator helps you to count your hypothetical winnings.

Also, many of these offers can be free bets for all, which works on all games or free bets restricted to specific sports. For example, you can find free horse racing bets or free football bets no deposit offers at some sportsbooks. This fact means that you can only use such offers to place bets on specific games, and it will not work on other sports.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Free Bets

The primary advantage of the online free bet bonus to punters is, of course, the chance to place bets on their favourite sports with no risk to their funds. With the free bets, a player can place bets on sports games, and if they are lucky enough, they will end up with some decent winnings. Should they also end up fulfilling the terms and conditions attached to the free bets, they will also cash out the winnings they earn from the site into their bank account.

Another benefit to using the free bet offers, especially the free bet no deposit offer, is that it allows punters to try out new betting sites without having to deposit much money, or in some cases, any money at all. Due to the almost endless options of sports betting sites available in the digital landscape today, punters need to be careful when deciding where to gamble online to not end up with a bad site. Another truth is that while you might get a lot of information about an online sports bookmaker by researching it online, you won’t usually get the complete picture of the site unless you try it out yourself. With no deposit free bets, punters get to try out many different betting sites to find the best fit for themselves.

On the other hand, as wonderful as the idea of free bet sounds and the many benefits that it gives punters, there are still many drawbacks to it. As you might have already guessed, online bookies are not charities and are not in the business of giving out free money. So, why exactly do they give out bookies free bets? Won’t they be losing a lot of money on these promotions? The truth is that; attached to most free bets are terms and conditions that punters must fulfill before they can essentially withdraw any winnings they derive from using the bets. So, the potential drawbacks you will usually find about these free bets are that many casinos tend to set the requirements unfairly high, which can be difficult for customers to fulfill, making it impossible for them to withdraw their winnings. Many punters find this impossible to achieve, and the free bets end up not being worthwhile.

However, regardless of how fair or unfair its terms and conditions might be, free bets allow players to enjoy their favourite betting games with little to no risk, so it is still worth something.

What to Take Note of When Choosing Online Free Bets

Free bets are a dime a dozen online, and many punters often make the mistake of picking a sportsbook that offers the juiciest and doesn’t consider any other factors. Such punters end up regretting their choice because they find that those offers look good but are not worthwhile. Not all free bets are worthwhile. There are many tips you need to look for when you are choosing online free bookie bets.

  • Qualifying terms- Does the free bet require a deposit, or is it no deposit free bet – try to qualify for it. Alternatively, is it a bet 10 get free bets offer?
  • Market- You should note which market the free bets you are about to claim works on before you do. Some free bets like the free horse bets and the free football bets no deposit offer work exclusively on specific markets and will not work on others. So, be sure that the free bet you claim works with the sport you are interested in.
  • Winning Limit- For bookmakers not to incur losses, free bets usually come with a maximum limit. If the maximum winnings you can earn with a free bet are too low, it is not worth your time.
  • Wagering Requirements- Like online casino bonuses, free bets can also come with wagering requirements. However, free bets’ requirements tend to be fairer. Check out if you must turn over the free bet funds several times before you can withdraw your winnings.
  • Validation Period- Free bets typically come with an expiration date, so punters have to ensure that they use these free bets within their validity period or lose the bonus. This validity period can be anywhere between a week to a month. So, if the validity period of a free bet is not enough to meet its wagering requirement, it is certainly not worth considering.
  • Payment Method: It is also worth noting that many free bets may have payment method restrictions. Many bookies tend to limit some free bets to specific payment methods or outrightly restrict them from others. This option means that if the terms and conditions of the free bets offer to restrict a particular payment method, you will not receive the free bets welcome bonus package if you deposit using such methods. So, it would help if you considered this before you lay claim on any free bet offers.

Once you consider all these and more, you will be able to find the best free bet offers that perfectly suit your gaming needs.

Welcome Free Bets Bonus Package For New Customers

When you go across all online bookmaker’s free bet offers, you will find many different types and forms of free bets. However, they are all grouped into; free bets for new customers and free bets for existing customers.

Free Bets No Deposit Offers

No deposit free bets are complimentary bets that online bookmakers give to players upon signing up to their betting sites without requiring them to make any triggering bet or an initial deposit. This bonus is by far the best free bets offer suited to beginners because, as the name indicates, they won’t need to deposit money to place bets online. Unfortunately, these types of offers are hard to come by today. However, some online bookies bring up such offers to punters that register on their betting sites from time to time. This type of free bookies bets comes in small amounts, usually anywhere between 10 Euro and 30 Euro.

Free Sports Bets Sign Up Offers

The most common type of free bets that new punters will usually find online is the one where they will have to deposit a specified minimum amount to claim free bets. Unlike the online free bets with no deposit offers, a punter will have to make an initial deposit amount, usually between £10 and £30, before they can receive these free bets. On occasions, they may even have to stake a certain amount on particular odds. For example, you can find “bet 10 get 30 in free bets” or other similar offers.

Matched Deposit

Another more common new customer offer is the matched deposit free bets. Unlike the free no deposit bets, you also have to make an initial deposit to qualify for this offer. Here, the online bookmaker will match your first deposit by 50%, 100%, or 200% up to a specific limit.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are another popular new customer offer. It effectively refunds punters their stake if their first wager at a betting site is unsuccessful.

Price Boost

Price Boost, also known as enhanced odds, is not your typical new customer free bets offer, but it is just as lucrative. Here, online bookmakers will offer a price/odds boost for a particular upcoming sporting event in an attempt to, of course, entice new customers. For example, a punter that opens a new account at a sports betting site may be able to place a bet on Manchester United to beat Leicester City at a much-boosted odds of 50/1. The casino will then convert any winnings obtained with such enhanced odds into free bets.

Existing Customers’ Free Bets Packages

Free bet offers are not limited to new punters registering at a sports betting site for the first time. Existing customers are also eligible to claim some promotional free bets offers. Here are some of the forms of free bets regular players can also look forward to.

Loyalty Bonus

Many online bookmakers reward regular punters who constantly and consistently deposit funds and place bets on games on their gambling sites. One of the many ways such casinos show their appreciation for their customers’ loyalty is by providing incentives like free bets.

Money-Back Special

Another form of free bets for existing customers is the money-back specials. When a punter has staked money on games up to a certain amount in many casinos, the casino can return a certain percentage to the punter. The returned money doesn’t come as cash but in the form of free bets. Money-back specials can also be exclusive to specific events. For example, you can be required to place five bets on horse racing to receive a free bet based on your average stake.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is similar to the matched deposit-free bets that new customers enjoy. On occasions, as part of a promotion, sportsbook operators may reward existing punters with free bets when they reload their accounts with more funds.

Free Bet Club

As promotions to encourage punters to keep playing on their websites, many online bookmakers provide the free bet club. Here, when a punter has placed a certain number of bets at the sports betting sites, the punter will receive free bets from the site.

Insurance Free Bets

Insurance will typically protect you against loss, and this type of offer does something similar. Should the bet you placed on your favourite sport miss by a small margin, you can win a free bet up to a certain amount.

How Do I Claim and Withdraw Free Bets

To claim a free bet for yourself, you will, of course, need to have or set up an account with an online bookmaker that offers free bets to its new and existing punters. Many bookmakers offer free bookies bets, so once you find the bookmaker with the best deal for you, deposit the qualifying amount and claim your free bets. If you also come across no deposit free bets, you can easily claim them by signing up to the betting site that offers it.

Furthermore, as we have mentioned earlier, specific terms and conditions come attached with most free bets. This fact means that you cannot directly cash out the funds once you receive a free bet. You will have to use the free bets to place bets on games, and it is any winnings you obtain that you can withdraw into cash. Also, if the free bets offer comes with a turnover requirement, you will have to fulfill this before you can successfully withdraw any winnings you obtain.


What Does a Free Bet Mean?

A free bet is a type of promotion that sports betting sites offer to punters, with which they can place bets on their favourite sports with no risk to their funds. It can be in the form of free bets on registration for new players or free bets for existing players. These sports betting sites often do this to attract new players to their site and keep the loyalty of existing ones.

Do I Need to Deposit Money to Get a Free Bet?

The typical welcome free bet package you will usually find on most sports betting sites is the deposit-free bet offer. Here, when you open a new account at such online sports betting sites, you will have to deposit a specified minimum amount to earn free bets. However, many online bookmakers also offer no deposit free bet offers. A new customer can earn free bets with these offers by simply signing up to the betting sites.

How Do I Get Free Bets?

Online bookmakers offer free bookies bets, and naturally, to get these free bets, you need to either be a new customer signing up for the first time or an existing punter at such sites. If you are a new customer, check for the best deals available online and sign up to the site with the best offer. And if you are an existing punter, check out the different free bet promotions available at your favourite website to see which ones you are eligible for and what you need to do to claim them.

How Do Free Bets Work?

Free bets are free credits that punters can use as stakes to place bets on their favourite sports. Once you use a free bet to place a bet on any game, you get to keep only the potential winnings and since the free bet is a credit and not actual cash.

How Do I Make Money From Free Bets?

It is worth noting that once you have successfully received free bets from an online sports betting site, you cannot cash it out into real money. You will have to use the free bets to stake on games for it to become withdrawable funds. As long as you take the free bets through its wagering requirements, if it has one, you can cash out any winnings you derived from it.