Interview with Peter and Sons Studio

Interview with Peter and Sons Studio

There are many talented, but few gifted and Peter and Son are one of them. The online gambling industry is constantly developing. Every few years, a new studio is born and marks its way to the top. Peter and Sons is a rising star, and we are first to know them better.

We thank Yann Bautista Wiberg, Business Development Director, Peter & Sons LLC, for the opportunity of making this conversation.

JMC, is referred to as and P&S, is referred to as Peter & Sons Studio.

JMC: P&S is a brand-new studio to the gambling industry. Could you tell us more about your history? What was the main impulse to start the development studio?

We started about two years ago. The founder team knew each other from other companies both in iGaming and mobile game development. We began doing custom development to finance ourselves, especially for companies within the casino industry. We did a few titles for a leading operator, and after that, we decided to do our own games.


JMC: The logo of a company is first people see and remember. Is there any story behind your logo and naming? Very interesting to know

We envision this family business, started by this man somewhere in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s, building beautifully handcrafted slot machines in his garage and then leaving it to his children and grandchildren, who now decided to do online games. That’s the idea of the P&S logo, convey the concept of family and tradition.

Initially, the logo was going to be something like a portrait of the founder, the grandfather. One of our artists presented this goat instead, the same one that appears at the beginning of our promotional videos, and voila! We all loved it!

Peter and Sons Wild Bard Game

JMC: Your games are good-designed as slot machines. The UI has its all and art is amazing. What is your source of inspiration?

Art has a lot of weight in our games. We are a global company always looking for the best talent no matter where they are. We work with artists from all parts of the world, with different cultures, visions, and styles. Our Artists have total freedom and great responsibility in the projects, and they always surprise with amazing ideas. We usually allocate one artist per project, and he does it all, from concept to animations, taking complete responsibility. That’s why every project has a unique style. In the end, it is like their baby.


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JMC: What are the 3 main things that make P&S stand out from the rest game developers? The intros to every slot game are amazing

I think the art side is definitely one of our major strengths, but I would also say we are very good at executing. With a relatively small team, not more than 12, we manage to produce a good number of titles in a short time.

Our goal is to fill the gap between real money and social casino games, creating high-value content with attractive themes, exceptional graphics, sounds, and fun-engaging mechanics, easy to understand for all types of players. I think we are starting to get recognized for it, and that’s fantastic!


JMC: In your opinion, what is the best slot game you have developed and you are most proud of?

We constantly try to improve ourselves, making each new game better than the previous one. We have a few new games coming out now at the end of March, Zombies at the Door released by Oryx Gaming and Johnan Legendarian, the first in our series of Legends, released by Yggdrasil.

I think both are great titles, and I have high expectations for both, but if I had to choose a game that I like, that’s Robin-Sherwood Marauders. It is a game we are releasing at the end of April through Yggdrasil’s YG masters program. It’s the first game in a series of two inspired by the story of Robin Hood. It’s a Ways game with avalanche cascades, expanding Wilds, and multipliers that can pay very high wins, over 30000x the bet! The game looks super cool, not only because of the style, which I think is something that all our games stand out for but also because of the mechanic, and the massive wins that the game has to offer.

Peter and Sons Johnan Game

JMC: What about the Legends slots series? Are you going to continue the series with a 3rd game?

Yes, we came up with a new idea for a game motivated by Norse mythology, Valhalla, to include in this series of Legends. It’s going to be the third game in the series, and the idea is to release it sometime in Q3, Q4 this year, if everything goes as planned.

About Legends; It’s a series of epic, fantasy games we are creating inspired by stories from the old times, stories about heroes, villains, and events from the past told and passed on from one to another.

Valhalla will be a high volatility Ways game with splitting symbols played on a 6×3-panel and a max payout of 10,000 times the bet. Apart from the splitting symbols, the game will feature Wilds, Scatters, and two bonus games with Free Spins played on an increased panel.

Update: Hammer of Gods launched recently. Looks like it’s the Valhalla-themed slot was talking about.

JMC: What to expect from Peter & Sons in the future (collaborations, new features in slots, etc.)?

We are still in our early days but the future looks very promising and exciting. Our focus is to grow the portfolio and keep exploring new mechanics and ideas.

We recently signed with Yggdrasil to license one of their proprietary mechanics, Gigablox, and are currently working on a game based on it. We are also doing a series of classic fruit games with our unique touch and style and some new exciting projects based on the blockchain economy for the social casino.