Fibonacci Roulette Betting System Explained

Fibonacci Roulette Betting System Explained

The business of gambling or the field of online playing video games requires a clever strategy when real money is involved. Online casinos are now becoming readily available and increasingly popular due to their global accessibility. This way, online gamblers are targeted to create more patterns and discover various wagering styles of scoring a big win and reaching maximum wins that are featured in every online casino game.

When taking gambling as a solemn profession or practice, the gambler must utilize specific moves to increase the chances of winning. Over the years, many strategies have been developed and applied to test out. One of the most used strategies is the Fibonacci sequence.


Knowing the Fibonacci Sequence

A Fibonacci sequence is a well-recognized numerical pattern that can be used as a tool in finding solutions to problems and developing strategies for ongoing busy industries and emerging science. It states that a number is the sum of two previous numbers and can be started by 0 or 1. This progression is prevalent in science, particularly in nature, and less in other real-life matters. It carries a secret strategy or system applicable in the gambling industry and must be used wisely, especially with regards to roulette. Here, the force of gravity or nature itself is unpredictable starting on the first attempt of placing a bet but can a gambler can back to square one.

Real Gambling Game with Fibonacci System

The graphical representation of a Fibonacci system is through the form of a snail’s shell-looking Golden Spiral, wherein the innermost part is a 1:1 ratio, and the sum of 2 involved numbers is 2. Then the sum of 2 last numbers is 3, and so on. This sequence goes outwards from a proportional length of a vertical rectangle. The Fibonacci structure is another technique that can be utilized in gambling while treating small digits to a more significant value of numbers sequenced by Leonardo Bonacci. It has become famous with modern popular science. It is still treated as an effective method of playing casino games, such as roulettes, slots or video slots, and other gambling activities. Although some consider this a low chance of winning, it allows a gambler to reattribute once he encounters some losses. So the structure flows from or begins with 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89, and so on. It is a safety means in placing the initial bet for even-money wagers like choosing from red or black and odd or even.

The Fibonacci Sequence in Playing Roulette

The Fibonacci Sequence in Playing Roulette Fibonacci sequence is endless and progressive. Players can incorporate it with other casino games, but it works the best with roulette. The player begins to wager starting from 1 and can move over the progression if there are no wins yet. It does not require to go to the next for only a single loss. It has to keep on ascending until the player wins. In this manner, the player can revert to the first stage of the sequence or go on. This method of playing your bet size has benefits while progressing. Take a look at the given table below:
Bet Order Bet Size Result Balance
1 1 loss -$1
2 1 loss -$2
3 2 loss -$4
4 3 loss -$7
5 5 loss -$12
6 8 loss -$20
7 13 win -$7
8 21 win $14
The theoretical example shows that the player started the sequence progressing from rounds 1 to 7 to have a win; however, the balance is not the targeted amount. So, the player moved through the sequence and once again won. This time, the player managed to have an outstanding balance of $14.00. Let us try to move forward by stepping back from the current progression.
Bet Order Bet Size Result Balance
9 8 win $22
10 5 loss $17
11 3 loss $14
12 2 win $16
13 1 loss $15
Out of 13 rounds, there are only four wins against nine losses. Still, the balance did not already reach a negative progression because of the small bet size, which awards $15. If the player decided to end with a bet size of 1 and begin to progress on the succeeding rounds, it might cause different gameplay if there will be no mistakes while doing the sequence. This fact may take a little longer, and it is the player's choice to move forward and guided by the history of the placed bets since the very first round. When a negative progression occurs while trying to bet as low as possible, this means that the player should be patient in treating it. This event only happens when the player is too aggressive and loses more spins, and the strategy is no longer effective. There are no other procedures to correct your losing streak because a roulette's wins, by their nature, can never be predicted. Based on the tables shown earlier, the only point that matters here is that no one should place a very high bet during the base game. The smoother the sequence is, the lower the drop value of the current balance.

Is Fibonacci Sequence a Safe System in Roulette?

With all the strategies used around the corners of gambling, the Fibonacci sequence seems to be the safest one. You only need to remember the original bet and its worth carefully. Since its use in the gambling industry, it has been favored by players from all around the world. It has always proven to be one of the most beneficial strategies for one to maximize their winnings. The chances of winning here are unchangeable even if there are several losses already. Therefore, the Fibonacci sequence is a system for those players who can strive and persevere by establishing a bet plan.

Bonus: Fibonacci Sequence in Nature

Fibonacci Sequence in nature