888 UK Limited Was Fined A Huge Amount of Money

888 UK Limited Was Fined A Huge Amount of Money

On August 31, 2017, the UKGC published a decision to recover compensation and fines from 888 UK Limited. As a result of a lengthy investigation, the company was forced to pay 7,824,023 pounds. Compensations were sent to gamblers and the commission itself.

The penalty was mainly a violation of the rules of conduct with players who decided to self-exclude themselves from 888 sites and services. In the end, the company paid all the fines and agreed to publish materials to warn other operators and allow them to learn a timely lesson from the incident.

Matter of Social Responsibility

888 UK Limited is licensed and operates many online gambling sites, including sport and bingo sites. One of the most popular from them are: 777.com, 888.com, winkslots.com. Online gambling is a very serious activity and should be regulated to protect people and prevent them from negative consequences, which, first of all, affect the social life and moral and psychological health of both the players themselves and their loved ones. The casino operator, to obtain a license and maintain a good reputation, it is not enough just the technical equipment. Need to take care of gamblers. It so happened that 888 missed 2 serious points:
  1. About 7,000 players had the opportunity to deposit and play for money, despite the self-exclusion.
  2. One of the clients fraudulently obtained the money of his colleagues and spent a lot of time in the game, which was not noticed by the operator as alarming behaviour and addiction to gambling.
This statements lasted for a long period, as a result of technical problems. As a result of the investigation, the commission awarded the following fines and compensations:
  • £62,023 in favour of the colleagues of one of the clients of 888, who illegally obtained other people's money
  • £3.5million to return to those players who continued to play despite self-exclusion
  • £4,250,000 license violation penalty
  • £12,000 reimbursement for this investigation


Such rare cases show that the UKGC does indeed follow the industry and strive to faithfully regulate the activities of online casinos about people. And the successfully paid fine, in our opinion, indicates decency and accountability on the part of 888 and their willingness to correct their mistakes. Sources: